While our max rates are governed by the City of Bloomington, our drivers are independent contractors and are thus able to offer discounts to preferred or kindly customers! They are under no obligation to honor these deals or discounts, whether their own or offered by other drivers, but a friendly attitude and an upfront conversation can go a long-ways toward getting you an agreeable rate! All discounts and deals must be negotiated with the driver, the office cannot guarantee price breaks, and again, the drivers are under NO obligation to offer discounts. They just happen to be nice people who believe in quality service for quality people.

We started this company as a response to the lack of options for the Bloomington citizen, student, and visitor. As such we are priced to compete, and believe that the quality of service we provide at the cost we require is above and beyond a fantastic deal.

Our Rates

Red Tire Taxi

Bloomington'S Best cab company

Bloomington, IN 47407, USA


Damage/mess fees

We accept all major cards or your ride is free!

$4 pickup fee

$2 per mile

$0.50 per minute of wait time

To get a quote please call (812) 250-8887, or you can get it on your own through Google Maps! If you choose to get your own quote, please notify your driver of your preferred route and be prepared for additional wait/traffic time.


+$2 for every passenger after the third

+$2 for luggage beyond what will fit in trunk

Flat Rates*

We offer low-cost discounted flat rates for long-distance destinations in the areas surrounding Bloomington!

Drivers' line 812-269-2690 open 24/7 - reservations-only line 812-250-8887 open 10 am to 6 pm

Please be respectful of the vehicle you travel in, all cars are house cleaned and maintained to the highest standard and as such carry fees in the event of damage to the vehicle or driver's loss of time.

$150 for biohazard standard cleanup of bodily fluids This includes/is not limited to vomit/blood/feces/urine.

$25 for professional standard cleanup of excess mess

This includes/is not limited to spilled drinks, pet hair, dirt transfer, trash left behind, and smoke.

Any damage to the vehicle by the customer will be charged at the price of replacement. This includes but is not limited to busted windows, body damage, mechanical damage, cigarette burns, fried electronics, and damage to the driver's belongings.


We specialize in getting to and from Indianapolis and Indianapolis International Airport! Our drivers know the right routes, times of traffic, and where to avoid to ensure timely arrival.

*Due to the construction in Martinsville which increases the traffic time by 25% to Indianapolis, we have to increase our rates to and from Indianapolis. Thanks for understanding.

Indianapolis Airport: $125.00

(Secure a $10 discount by booking more than 36 hours in advance- restrictions apply)

Indianapolis Downtown: $140.00

(Secure a $10 discount by booking more than 36 hours in advance - restrictions apply)

$45 will get you to or from downtown/IU to the marinas!

See listed below:


Lake Monroe Marina

Fairfax Marina

Fairfax Inn

Paynetown SRA Marina

$65 will get you to or from downtown/IU to the downtown of many surrounding cities!

See listed below:




*Restrictions Apply